Domestic Woods

Species Thickness Price/BF
Black Walnut (unsteamed) 4/4 $8.00/BF
Oregon Black Walnut (unsteamed) 4/4 $10.00/BF
Oregon Black Walnut (unsteamed) 8/4 $12.00/BF
Oregon Black Walnut (unsteamed) 12/4 $12.00/BF
Birds-eye Maple 4/4 $8.00/BF
Cherry 4/4 $6.25/BF
Cherry 6/4 $6.75/BF
Cherry 8/4 $7.00/BF
Curly Soft Maple 4/4 $8.00/BF
Hard Maple 4/4 W2F $6.25/BF
Hard Maple 8/4 W2F $7.25/BF
Qtr Sawn White Oak 4/4 $9.00/BF

All lumber is typically skip planed so that we can inspect and determine quality
of all lumber. Please add 10% per BF for widths greater than 10"



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